Consulting for survival needs

Initial consultation is always free and extensive

Standard Package

The standard package is geared towards individuals or small groups. It includes an in-depth discussion on the six main elements needed to set up long term survivability. 

  • How to choose the right spot

  • Tackling the "Big Three" 

    • Food​

    • Water

    • Shelter

  • Setting up security​

  • Communications

  • Medical considerations

  • Power supply

Premium Package

The premium package is aligned towards larger groups and includes all of the discussions covered in the standard package with emphasis on scaling for long term survivability. 


  • Choosing a larger footprint

  • Scaling up the "Big Three"

    • Food:      Group dynamics​

    • Water:     Large scale collection

    • Shelter:   Space utilization/Hygiene 

  • Coordinating a larger security perimeter ​

  • Extended communications

  • Medical considerations for group variations

  • Power applications